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types of foster care

Every one of our homes is different and that’s the charm. A home is a safe space to love, learn and grow as an individual.

Just as every home is different, so is the need of each child in our care and here at Foster Wales Wrexham, we offer a variety of care options to match specific needs.

Our experience tells us it’s important to have a range of care to meet the complex and unique needs of young people in Wrexham.

short-term foster care

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Short-term care can be an overnight stay, a regular weekend, or living somewhere for a year. It’s simply a length of time that offers a child a safe, secure space to stay and feel loved.

It can be a stop-gap between care options; a shorter stay whilst longer-term care is sorted out, also known as permanence or returning to their birth family.

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Your role will be to help someone when they need it most – becoming a vital part of someone’s fostering journey. To provide the consistency and love they deserve before moving back home or onto a new chapter.

long-term foster care

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Unlike short-term care which offers a shorter care solution, long-term foster care provides a foster family and a place to call home, when it is not possible for children to return to their families for a significant period of time.

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Here at Foster Wales Wrexham, we take our time to pair a child or young person with the right foster home to suit their needs. Whilst longer-term foster care is more permanent, it’s more about providing a safe, loving home for as long as the child needs.

specialist kinds of foster care

Whilst the types of care we provide falls under either short or long term, within that falls more specialist types of care. These can include:

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short breaks

A break away is sometimes just what we need. And that’s exactly what we offer the local children in our community – a little space to breathe.

Short breaks, known as support care, are planned in advance and provide a great new experience for young people who need it. Short breaks can be a few hours, a day or a weekend and can be a one-off, monthly or regular arrangement.

It simply means being there for them, becoming an extension of their own family, providing a loving home for as long or as little as they need.

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parent and child

Parent and child fostering is an incredible opportunity to share your own life and experiences with someone who needs it, and it helps families stay together. You have the chance to nurture the next generation to be the best they can be whilst developing their sense of self in your home.

Parent and child foster carers provide mums and dads, either together or separately, with support to parent their child. You become a positive role model, providing a safe and nurturing environment, empowering parents to establish routines, and enhancing their skills to meet their children’s individual needs.

It’s all about helping parents build up the skills they need, both personally and for their child.

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therapeutic care

There are some young people and children in our community in Wrexham who have more complex emotional or behavioural needs that necessitate a different kind of care. Therapeutic placements offer this extra level of specialist care and if you choose to offer this kind of care, we’ll provide you with the support and training you’ll need.

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