how it works

the process

the process

So you’re confident you want to start your fostering journey with us, but you’re not sure how long the fostering process in Wrexham takes. Or what can you expect once you’ve applied. This is how it works.

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step 1 - get in touch

The first, and most important, step is simply getting in touch with us. Sending us an email or giving us a call will kick-start your journey into fostering.

It might not feel like much, but it’s the biggest step you’ll take in a fostering journey.

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step 2 - the home visit

Once we’re aware you want to join us, we’ll start to get to know you. We ‘ll send out some paperwork and then we’ll come over for a visit, if regulations allow. If we can’t, we’ll arrange a video call.

Ultimately, we want to get to know you first and establish a relationship with you.

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step 3 - the training

The first stage of your training and development teaches you more about fostering, so you can be certain it’s the right path for you. It’s also a chance to meet other new foster carers at the same stage of their journey.

This initial training course is called “Preparation to Foster”, or sometimes “skills to foster”. It takes place over a few days, or evenings. It’s about building knowledge, connections and valuable networks that last.

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step 4 - the assessment

Once we’ve met, we’ll start the assessment which is when you’ll start learning more about what foster care will mean for you. It will be a great chance for you and your family and friends to ask any questions you have and work out some of your strengths and vulnerabilities within your own family network.

It’s absolutely not a test but more about preparing you for the rewards and challenges that fostering may bring.

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step 5 - the panel

Each of our Foster Wales teams has their own panel made up of professionals, independent members and social workers. They use their own experiences and knowledge to review and consider your assessment, viewing you as an individual.

They’re not trying to reject or accept your application, but rather want to look at it from all angles. They’ll create personalised recommendations based entirely on what will work best for you as a foster parent.

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step 6 - the foster care agreement

Once our fostering panel has considered your assessment, you’ll receive something called the foster care agreement. This sets out what it means to be a foster carer for you, outline your daily responsibilities and the support and guidance you’ll have on offer.

It also covers all the extra services we’ll offer to you as your extended fostering network.

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