why foster with us?

support and rewards

finance and allowances

As part of Foster Wales Wrexham, as well as the generous foster allowances and pay we offer, you’ll become a paid member of various relevant organisations as well as have the opportunity to develop your own skills.

Your foster allowance is based on factors such as the type of fostering you undertake, the number of children you foster, and the length of time you foster for.

As an example, some of our foster carers in Wrexham receive between £9,900 and £24,000 per year.

other rewards

There are also many more benefits to being a foster carer, so as well as the support and allowances mentioned already, in Wrexham you’ll also get:

  • 75% council tax discount.
  • Fostering friendly – up to 5 days extra annual leave for all Wrexham approved foster carers who work for Wrexham Council.
  • Max card.
  • CADW membership.
  • Foster Carer Ambassador support.

the foster wales national commitment

Foster Wales has its National Commitment, which is a training support package for each of our foster parents. This helps create consistency and focuses all our efforts across Wales on improving the lives of children for the next generation.

A family sitting and laughing together in their garden

one team

Joining Foster Wales Wrexham means you’ll benefit from the combined expertise of one large dedicated team, providing the same high-level care and support to every child you foster. As the Local Authority, we’re connected to every professional involved in a child’s care, and we’re committed to doing the best we can.

Being part of our team in Wrexham means you’ll always be heard, respected and valued as an integral part of our foster team. We work closely with every one of our foster families to ensure the best possible future for every child.

Two brothers playing on a swing

learning and development

Learning and development is a big part of the fostering journey and by joining us you’ll enjoy some of the best support packages and training there is on offer. We’re really keen to encourage our carers to carry on learning and growing in their positions as foster parents.

We provide training courses, tools and services to help build your confidence as a carer. You’ll have the chance to build on your personal skills and development too, creating valuable transferable skills.

A teenage boy playing football


Joining Foster Wales Wrexham will mean you’re always supported, every step of the way. Our team will provide you with the right contacts to social workers and other professionals, regularly so you can share experiences, ask questions and gain valuable advice.

You’ll not only gain paid memberships to national organisations but you’ll have access to a range of local meet-ups and support groups. This helps you build life-long friendships, gives you a platform to share your own experiences and listen to other foster carers.

You’ll have access to all levels of professional support and counselling whenever you need it – 24/7. Our main focus is community, and we’re very proud of ours.

A family standing together outside of their home

fostering community

We know how important community and sharing is in the fostering community which is why we pay for memberships to The Fostering Network (TFN) and the Association for Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru.

We’ll also invite you to local events and activities in and around Wrexham to bring you closer to other foster families.

A family walking together in the woods

shaping the future

The future is our focus, not the past. As a foster carer, you’ll have the important part of shaping the future for every young person you welcome into your life, helping make their journey better.

We’ll also take your opinion seriously and actively encourage you to speak out. We’ll take your views further than a local level, sharing them regionally and nationally to continue shaping the lives of children in Wales.

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